Center for Theoretical Underground Physics and Related Areas (CETUP*)

Mission Statement

The Center for Theoretical Underground Physics and Related Areas is intend to be the central collaboration point for long term, intermediate, and programmatic functions for physics and related fields that deal directly with the experimental work being conducted at the worlds 20 plus underground laboratories. Our goal is to bring together people with different talents and skills to address the most exciting questions in physics, astrophysics, geosciences, and geomicrobiology. 

2016 Program Dates and Location:

June 6 through July 15, 2016, Deadwood South Dakota, near the Sanford Underground Research Facility.

Please note that this is not a conference, but rather an Aspen, KITP, or INT style program.

Program Information:

There will be 3-4 talks a day, with the afternoons left mostly free for discussions and collaborations.

The CETUP* attendees will be provided by Deadwood-Lead Middle School with a spacious office space, access to the meeting rooms, break room, fax and copy machine, as well as high speed wireless internet connection.